– So what’s this all about then!? –

       I work together with individuals who wish to elevate the current state of their lives. Together we work to establish, or improve upon, a strong base of physical health then move into learning how to achieve optimal mental states (plus optional spiritual components). I use a variety of methods to help my clients achieve insights into what currently is and isn’t working in their lives.
       This will often, but not exclusively, be tuned to assisting the individual in gaining clarity in their thought and speech patterns, recognising the need for conscious language (internal and external) and focusing on helping the individual to help themselves gain a greater connection between their mind, heart and voice.
       The goal is to set the stage for a healing and uplifting journey into finding one’s own voice in the world. Whether on stage as a speaker, singer or actor, in business to better communicate, or in their personal life to improve clarity of communication and interpersonal relationships.

Together, we work (and play!) through three key phases:
1) Discovery:
       We work to strip back some of the social conditioning that most of the human family has acquired throughout our lives, which results in us telling ourselves stories that aren’t entirely true; especially around the pre-conceptions of what we are capable of.  We work with breath and voice to help find a “signature note” which is most in tune with your physical body. We use this as a starting point for connecting your voice to your heart.  Through this process we loosen up the body and mind then we work, and play, to get at the core of what your true passion is and find what drives you (and indeed, what can drive you further and faster) in your daily life.  We gently confront and then learn to accept (rather than continue to fight) past demons that have been holding us back. Then we move onward to evolve our internal concept of true purpose and discover the passions that will bring us the most joy and fulfilment in this world.
2) Expansion:
       Throughout this phase we are focusing on increasing our awareness; either learning, or expanding upon, daily mindfulness activities that help us to overcome short bursts of fatigue, anxiousness or disconnection.  We learn some new daily practices that assist with maintaining energy levels, dispelling unwanted emotional states and increasing connection to our purpose and our voice.  Through our signature notes, we start to expand our connection between the mind and the voice, plus (more importantly, in my opinion) our connection between heart and voice.  Learning through exercises to speak from the mind when that mode is most practical and then from the heart when we are able.  Also, this phase covers practical exercises and tips to expand the voice for speaking or singing in a manner that isn’t constrained or disconnected from your true and conscious self.
3) Integration:
       One of the key elements of learning new things is integrating them into one’s existing framework of life, and allowing time for knowledge to settle and good habits to form.  The integration phase is ongoing and the most important in realising the greatest benefit from the experience.  This phase involves revisiting each of the previously entertained concepts and practices, working out which most resonate with you as a person, and eventually expanding further upon those that work for you specifically.

.: A little bit about me :.
       Having been put into a teaching role for almost half of my life — martial arts (in my teen years and early twenties), then technology (twenties to early thirties) and then music — and also being a student for all of my life, my insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding has driven me to continually read, talk, listen, view, experiment and travel my way through my Earthly existence.  Through this experience, I’ve found that the need to impart knowledge to others helps one to further one’s own knowledge, and in that regard that is exactly what I am doing with this current project.  For over a decade, I have studied and experimented with various modalities for self-healing and inner peace, and for growing through meditation and introspection.
       My mission for this endeavour is to continue to find and express my own inner creativity by assisting clients in the discovery of their own passions and truths, and helping one person at a time to make the world a better place to live.